After finally unloading the car, I got a cab to take me to the checkpoint between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. I had to ask several people before anyone seemed to comprehend what I was asking. I guess it’s not that common for women – or especially western looking women – to walk into the West Bank. As a matter of fact, when I got there, there was not a single woman in sight. There were dozens of Palestinian men, probably mainly workers who were going home from their jobs in Jerusalem to their homes in Bethlehem. Suffice it to say, I caught many strange glances. I was expecting to have to show my passport and be admitted. In fact, all that was involved was a walk though several turnstiles (installed to prevent a mob?), and a winding circuitous route through cement wall tunnels. It fell like going through a rat’s maze – walking probably ten times the distance required. I quickly snapped this photo, not wanting to be too obvious. You can see the wall and the watch tower and the caged area which is where you enter the maze. No problems at all leaving Israel. We’ll see what it’s like when it’s time to come back in. I was greeted by my host in his car who escorted me to my very comfortable home for a month in Bethlehem.


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