Commercial English Twists and Malaprops

It’s always amusing to see how English is used in commerce in non-English speaking countries. This is just a fun collection of some of the signs that  caught my attention in the West Bank. I missed some really good ones on my rides to and fro Hebron and Bethlehem as the Service was faster than my camera. And in the interest of fairness, when I traveled in Taiwan, I could have compiled an equally absurd collection had I thought of it at the time – all in good fun.


Coming from our American culture of political correctness, I found these two fashion-oriented store names in a society where dark complexions and coal brown eyes are the norm kind of amusing.


You can aspire for the crown, or you can – well, never mind.


Well, we *are* in the Holy Land


Not exactly the big box version. I’m not sure what they were targeting here.


You’ve got your shoes for boogying and then you’ve got the respectable ones


If four kids get a little too rambunctious, you can always go over to Gentle Kids


I’m not sure what this green saloon was selling. It looked like wedding dresses, but maybe that was a front.


Every time I come here, I feel like I’ve been here before.


Why stop with one turkey when you can have two


We don’t want to leave out the men.


Meanie Market, Mini market, Mine Market ?


This was one of my favorites. How can that not make you smile?


This is one of the most aptly named tattoo parlors I’ve ever seen. If you’re straining to read it, yes it does say, “Pain Art.”


And my all time favorite. No one would ever believe me if I hadn’t posted a photo.

3 thoughts on “Commercial English Twists and Malaprops

  1. Wow! Don’t you wonder what the story is behind the Nazi dental lab.
    Delightful pics you’ve shared. Good to find a reason to smile while there.


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